VillaGok tandoor oven - Naan

The first naan breads entered the oven after the chicken. The flattened dough was placed on a pillow made of denim cloth, sprinkled with water and stuck onto the side of the tandoor. The pillow was a bit too large, so it was difficult to get through the opening without burning the arm. A smaller pillow was prepared before the second naan session. Now I can place naan breads in the tandoor without injuries... :-)

This bread still needs a little more time in the tandoor before it is removed with a pair of bread seekhs (a hook to catch the naan and a spatula to loosen it from the wall).

The first two naan breads baked in the tandoor oven - with some ghee spread on top. Yummy!!

Another stack of naan breads - the only problem with naans is to stop eating them...

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