VillaGok tandoor oven - Wall

After laying the two first courses, the base was covered with a layer of firebricks.

The three firebricks nearest the opening were mortared to the bricks but the rest just placed side by side. The perimeter was filled with sand to keep the firebricks in place.

A commercial tandoor pot from the Clayoven Group was put in place before the wall went further up. Sadly, the pot had been damaged by moisture so it was replaced before the oven went into use - more about that on the next page.

The wall was going up at a reasonable speed...

...and it fairly quickly reached the final height. I was very satisfied with the overall result! :-)

This picture shows the size compared with the brick oven. (The outer diameter of the wall is 1 meter and the height is 3/4 meter.)

Here is a look inside after the pot was removed.


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