VillaGok brick oven - Bread

19-aug-2005: Three loaves of bread baked after the first pizzas. The bread in the foreground was made of some leftover pizza dough.

30-dec-2005: The largest of five loaves of bread baked in one batch...

30-dec-2005: ...and three mid-sized loaves. All loaves were baked after essentially a normal pizza firing (i.e. about 2 hours), after which the oven was left closed for half an hour.

22-jan-2006: Assorted loaves and buns baked in two batches.

22-jan-2006: A close-up of a group of buns. Wonderful results are obtained when 10-15 buns are placed on a pizza tray and baked in the oven - highly recommended! :-)

19-feb-2006: A small test of baking naan bread before a baking session. The breads were baked at pizza conditions and finished in a few minutes. They were very good - but now we make really great naan bread i our tandoor oven!

19-feb-2006: A picture taken with flash to give a better view of the breads. The oven is still very hot, although it is less obvious in this picture...