VillaGok brick oven - June 2005

12-jun-2005: Bricklaying is started. This is more time-consuming than I thought, well at least for me... (It might partly be due to the nice rustic and rather individually shaped bricks.)

12-jun-2005: View from the front.

12-jun-2005: The bricks are made by Petersen Tegl.

Vacation in beautiful Berchtesgaden - oven project temporarily on hold... (View from Kehlsteinhaus, aka the Eagle's Nest.)

30-jun-2005: The hearth firebricks are laid in a paste of sand and clay (1:1 mixture).

30-jun-2005: The side walls are placed on top of the hearth bricks without mortar. Small deviation from Rado's design in the back corners - I find this layout easier and better.

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