VillaGok tandoor oven - Firing

So far I have used charcoal briquettes to fire the tandoor oven. I fill a grillcoal starter and place it the center of the tandoor. When all coals are glowing, I pour them out on the bottom and add some more briquettes.

Here is a look through the airhole.

I measure the temperature with a thermometer suspended halfway down the oven. After about 1 hour the temperature is above 300C (570F) and the oven is ready for cooking.

The firing is controlled with the airhole opening and the lid. Normally, the airhole is only fully opened when ash is removed.

I use two bricks to regulate the opening. This position gives a good airflow during the initial firing.

Usually I close the upper part when the oven is ready for cooking.

The lid (supplied with the original tandoor pot) is great for controlling the temperature. In the initial phase the oven is completely open, but during the heat-up period the opening is partially covered.

The charcoal briquettes give a good cooking temperature for several hours. Adding a few pieces of wood quickly raises the temperature to around 500C (900F) - but I haven't dared to cook anything at this temperature! :-)

(This thermometer has a 30 cm probe and is normally placed in the door of the brick oven.)

When skewers are cooking in the tandoor, I usually close the lid to obtain an even temperature in the tandoor.


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