VillaGok brick oven - May 2005

2002: I forgot to take a 'before' picture, so an old one will have to do... The oven will be placed roughly at the location of the bush in the right of the picture.

5-may-2005: Started digging for the foundation slab. A pile of cut off branches from the bush is seen in the back.

5-may-2005: Job done!

8-may-2005: The 20 cm high frame is placed on top of 50 mm EPS and concrete pouring has started. My neighbour Per took care of the concrete mixing and I poured - nice teamwork! :-)

8-may-2005: 8 mm reinforcing mesh + 12 mm rebar in the sides.

8-may-2005: After smoothing the surface, the slab was covered with a sheet of plastic.

14-may-2005: The position of inner and outer walls are marked up on the slab.

15-may-2005: The first two courses...

16-may-2005: ...and the last two courses of Leca blocks. Lightweight, strong and easily cut to size!

22-may-2005: Support for pouring the hearth slab installed (and a frame for the sides lying in the background).

22-may-2005: Cement board on top ...ready for concrete pouring next weekend!

28-may-2005: 8 mm reinforcing mesh and frame in place for preparing the hearth slab.

28-may-2005: Perlite/cement mixture in the bottom for insulation.

28-may-2005: Concrete along the sides and two 12 mm rebars in the unsupported end.

28-may-2005: Added some leftover mesh - it can't hurt...

28-may-2005: Concrete poured over the hole surface, the upper reinforcing mesh in place and concrete pouring continues.

28-may-2005: Finished! The surface is ready to be covered with a plastic sheet.

29-may-2005: My daughter helps with grinding some dried clay (for the sand/clay mixture under the hearth firebricks).

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