VillaGok brick oven - August 2005

The oven project on hold again because of vacation - this time in North Jutland (picture from Rubjerg Knude.)

12-aug-2005: First fire in the oven! A small fire was maintained for a couple of hours to dry the cladding.

12-aug-2005: Looking into the flames and dreaming about the wonderful meals to come... :-)

14-aug-2005: Added some brick layers - still a long way to go... (Luckily I don't have to earn my money as a mason! :-)

19-aug-2005: Time for the first cooking experiment! The oven is very hot and almost ready for pizzas.

19-aug-2005: The embers are pushed to the sides...

19-aug-2005: ...and the very first pizza has entered the oven!

19-aug-2005: It looked like this after about two minutes  - yummy!

28-aug-2005: Another couple of brick layers has been added to the outer wall... The oven is now covered when not in use to keep it dry - hopefully the roof will be in place before the winter! :-)

28-aug-2005: The front is ready for the arch below the oven door.

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