VillaGok brick oven - September 2005

4-sep-2005: A template is placed on top of two high brick stacks and the arch below the oven door is built.

4-sep-2005: The finished arch after the template is removed.

4-sep-2005: Yet again a few brick layers added in the sides.

11-sep-2005: The platform below the oven door is ready for the final brick layer - and the distance seems just right... ;-)

11-sep-2005: Todays work is inspected by Spy Hen - one of our Dorking chickens!

11-sep-2005: My neighbour Per dropped by with a very wellcome donation: A trailer full of well-dried wood - a sure ticket to another pizza party! :-)

13-sep-2005: Three lengths of rockwool were wrapped in chickenwire...

13-sep-2005: ...and stuck between the hearth slab and the brick wall. The purpose is to keep the perlite/concrete insulation (which will be added later) where it is needed.

17-sep-2005: Added some brick layers - the front is now level with the hearth bricks. The room below the oven is completely filled up with wood! :-)

24-sep-2005: I wonder if bricks actually taste good? Mrs. Cheeky really fancies to take a slurp of the water used for soaking bricks! :-)

25-sep-2005: The front is beginning to take shape...

25-sep-2005: ...and the sides are nearing the final height. Two more brick layers should do the trick!

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