VillaGok brick oven - October 2005

2-oct-2005: The front is ready for the door arch...

2-oct-2005: ...and the left side has reached the final height!

8-oct-2005: The chimney sides are narrowing to the final width.

8-oct-2005: The door arch is prepared.

9-oct-2005: The bricks around the door arch are laid - very delicate brickwork was needed above the arch!

9-oct-2005: The final height is reached in both sides, so the space between the wall and oven cladding is filled up with perlite/cement mixture (6:1).

17-oct-2005: The back wall is finished! It was a little tricky to reach the last rows...

19-oct-2005: The chimney is going up...

19-oct-2005: The oven is covered with 1) a layer of perlite/ cement, 2) chickenwire and 3) another layer of perlite/cement. It was too dark for pictures after the final layer.

20-oct-2005: The chimney is finished - well almost: I haven't made the final decision on how cover it, but I'll probably make a brick arch - and I might add another brick layer.

20-oct-2005: The back side of the chimney...

20-oct-2005: ...and a look inside!

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