VillaGok brick oven - November 2005

20-nov-2005: 50x100 mm lumber is screwed to the top of the brick wall and rafters of the same dimension are nailed to it.

20-nov-2005: A view of the back wall.

20-nov-2005: Lathes are screwed to the rafters...

20-nov-2005: ...and finally the roof tiles are attached to the lathes!

27-nov-2005: The cavities on each side of the chimney are filled with rockwool.

27-nov-2005: Some short lathes are added as support for the roof tiles around the chimney, which have to be cut to fit. Strips of plywood are nailed to these lathes to obtain the right height.

27-nov-2005: All roof tiles are in place in both sides...

27-nov-2005: ...and a length of wood is installed between the upper tiles, on which to attach the ridge tiles.

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