VillaGok brick oven - July 2005

2-jul-2005: 6 mm reinforcing mesh around the end and side walls.

2-jul-2005: Form for the concrete cladding prepared. (Small pieces of gaffa tape added to the ends of the reinforcing mesh above the form - to avoid further accidents... :-)

2-jul-2005: Concrete poured around the side walls. An extra layer of firebricks is temporarily placed inside the walls for support. The end wall will be completed when the concrete has cured.

8-jul-2005: The end wall is completed - ready to make the arches! Still no mortar between the firebricks - only concrete on the backside.

9-jul-2005: Making a template for the arches.

10-jul-2005: The template in place for the first arch.

10-jul-2005: The first arch is finished and the second well on the way!

10-jul-2005: All three arches completed - it's about time I find some angle iron, so the door end can be completed...

16-jul-2005: 80 x 80 mm angle iron above the door and 14 firebricks to bridge the gap.

17-jul-2005: Started to fill in the two corners...

17-jul-2005: Mock up of the remaining firebricks.

17-jul-2005: All firebricks in place!.

17-jul-2005: The same corner from the inside.

17-jul-2005: The vault seen from the door opening - it's looking sweet! :-)

18-jul-2005: Prepared a platform above the door opening (to lay bricks in the back part of the chimney). The height above the hearth is adjusted so that it matches seven layers of bricks.

23-jul-2005: Ready for the concrete cladding!

23-jul-2005: The vault is covered with aluminium foil and reinforcing mesh for the upper concrete cladding is installed.

23-jul-2005: Concrete pouring has started....

23-jul-2005: Concrete cladding finished!

24-jul-2005: The form is removed. (The cover was put in place again after this picture so the concrete can cure properly...)

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